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Exhibition Venues
: You can find all our exhibitions throughout the CBD and a number also at our pop up gallery 129 Heretaunga Street West Hastings.
See also below each exhibitors info, details of where their exhibition is featured and  their business hosting their exhibition, as well as pricing for any works for sale.

Also at  129 Heretaunga Street West Hastings  you will find our community exhibitions, come along and see work from :

  • Hawkes's Bay Photographic Associations members exhibition,

  • NZIHC " Capture the Moment" exhibition of 28 winning images in their national competition

  • Our recent  youth competition winning entries 

A map showcasing all exhibitions can be downloaded here

Arianne Clément 

See more about  Arianne's exhibition " How to live to 100" here and full story on each of her images, being exhibited at The Trib, Karamu Road, Hastings.  

After obtaining a master’s degree with honours in photography from University of the Arts London, Arianne travelled far and wide to find inspiration, often getting involved in humanitarian projects with the marginalized, her preferred subjects.

 She now devotes her work principally to portraying the elderly. Her celebrated portraits of seniors have been exhibited nationally and internationally, and won her several prizes, grants and honours.

What these distinctions reflect first and foremost are the sensitivity and boldness of her work and the unique connection she manages to create with her models. 

Maribel Pottstock Riffo

Maribel Pottstock Riffo
Chilean photographer who worked freelance on various photography projects, making records in the social media, cultural and documentary areas, both in Chile and in various countries.
Born in Santiago de Chile.I have always loved photography, when I was little I saw my mother as she had that passion for photographing and little by little I discovered it.

I feel like it connected me better with the world through my camera, which allows me to catch a little bit of everything I see and treasure it, or sometimes seeing what others don't see, or maybesomething anonymous to the world.

With photography I feel sufficient, complete and I lack nothing; it is an unconditional love. On that trip I meet the true and look with my spirit and heart.

Jana Hands The Dusty Bull

Cattle and bulls are some of my favourite animals to photograph. And they’re not always clean. In fact, I think they’re better with a bit of mud on them. I just really like to capture how they are in that moment.

I live on a sheep and beef farm in the Tararua with my awesome support crew, husband Will and our son Cooper. I’ve loved animals for as long as I can remember and grew up rurally with ponies, pet sheep orphaned from my grandparents’ farm and lots of country school pet days.

In my mind, I pictured the perfect present, a Hereford bull fine art print for my Dad’s birthday – and one for my own wall at home too. But no amount of searching or Googling could find that image I had in my head. 
Somehow I’d almost forgotten I’d done a Diploma in Photography… My life had taken a whole new turn after I graduated, becoming a shepherd on various sheep and beef farms, going back to my first love of animals. I’d got married and become a mum….That’s the moment when my two passions happily collided and it dawned on me that I already had everything I needed right now to create that image. I had the photography skills and lived on a farm after all! I could do it myself!

The Dusty Bull was then born!

Arthur Hyde

A naturalist by nature since a toddler but only the last 5 years have I ventured seriously into recording the beauty of the natural world through the lens of still photography. Up until the beginning of 2023 most of my photographic work has been in Western Australia and the Philippines. For this exhibition I will only exhibiting works taken since my return to New Zealand.

Michael Farr

Michael is a local photographer/cinematographer who has been shooting numerous styles spanning over a 15 year period in all sort of locations around the Globe. 

Michaels exhibition was taken the week after Cyclone Gabrielle 

Deb Primrose 

I am Deb Primrose a Tauranga-based floral photographer who is passionate about capturing the beauty of nature's delights, particularly flowers in all their forms and colours. I have a background as a floral designer and successfully transitioned into the field of photography.

I have embarked on a unique journey, knocking on the doors of unfamiliar gardens, seeking inspiration and foraging for vibrant blooms that evoke a sense of wonder and delight. Through this exhibition, I aim to creatively arrange these bountiful floral treasures in vintage vases, capturing their exquisite color and form in still life compositions that are both visually striking and emotionally evocative.

Derek Rossiter

My name is Derek Rossiter, an amateur photographer who enjoys landscape and street photography. After winning Fotofest's first ever photo competition last year it inspired me to develop my photography and I began studying my craft. I like being out and about with my camera around Hawke's Bay, which has plenty to offer for a photographer, to capture some beautiful images.

Antonio Alva

Antonio is a 21 year old Mexican photographer seeking the true beauty for this world we live in, while trying to create some peace of mind about being environmentally friendly and taking care of this planet we call home along with its ecosystems.

Social media is insta: alvafilmmagazine

Tony Reddrop.

While starting my photography journey in Australia ( Melbourne ) in the late 90’s It has taken many paths, including an eight year hiatus, recommencing the journey in New Zealand.My work focuses on things and people in my own environment, which for the past 14 years has been around Palmerston North, the lower North Island of New Zealand. Documentary and portraiture are my preference for capturing, preferring to capture things that may not be as popular, or mainstream, and take more time to tell the story.Some projects can take months to years, including portrait series.
Showing or capturing the mood, with light or movement, is something I have all ways been attracted to. I feel that if the mood is not right, it’s better not to shoot, just observe.While exhibiting since 2000, I am focused on the many forms of visual media, to show my work, included online, public displays, projections, exhibitions, zines, and printed book.

Like many I have been fortunate to have my work featured in the printed media, radio, television, and be held in various collections, Australian National Library ACT, the National War Memorial ACT, Multicultural commission of Victoria, Massey University New Zealand, as well as private collections.

Abhi Chinniah

Abhi Chinniah is a self-taught portrait photographer and writer.
Born in Ōtautahi Christchurch to Jaffna Tamil Malaysian parents, Abhi grew up in East Coast Malaysia and now lives in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Drawing from her lived experiences, Abhi uses portraiture to elevate marginalised voices honing in on women of colour, migrant communities and colourism.

Her debut photographic series, ‘Light Skin Dark Skin,’ explored the journeys people have to take because of the colour of their skin. Her subsequent photo essay, ‘A Migrant’s Path,’ followed the stories of migrant groups in Aotearoa and how these groups seek out belonging when separated from their roots. ‘Light Skin Dark Skin’ and ‘A Migrant’s Path’ went on to be acquired by The National Library of New Zealand.
Her widely acclaimed photo essay ‘Melanin Rising’ used portraits, essays and interviews to understand skin-lightening practices and media representation of dark-skinned people. Abhi currently resides in Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland.

Craig and Tom Howard 

Dad & Lad Fotofest

Craig Howard (aka Shooter) and his son,Thomas,  are exhibiting together in 2023. ..because we can.

Craig comes from  a 50 year career in professional advertising and film cinematography. Producing,directing and editing films and even a stint in owner/operating a motion picture processing laboratory. Carried on a the wave from film to digital imaging.

Thomas is a keen amateur with a natural eye for detail, framing, light... and for producing great images from what many may not see as photo worthy. Thomas is a prolific contributor to INSTAGRAM and until recently, all his work was on a mobile phone.  Now a dedicated Fuji Film Camera user.

Olivia Wilkey

Born in England, raised in Hawke’s Bay I am a 24 year old garden dweller, avid photographer and creator. I have found comfort in photography, seeking out the beauty that is ever present around us. Bringing light to the details of our society and surroundings that we may not usually notice, my goal is to provoke thoughtfulness and promote an appreciative mindset for the blessings we encounter daily. No matter how small or large they may be.

My photography focuses solely on architecture and nature, captured on both digital and film. A combination of site, space and place, the attributes that define our environments.

Katie Hoy

Hello, My name is Katie Hoy, I am a photographer; I live and work in Rotorua, Bay of Plenty. I have worked with a camera for twenty years, and have degrees in Fine Art and Creative Writing. These three practices inform my work, which is mostly focused on the people and place. I believe sharing our stories is the key to greater understanding.

In 2021 I had my first solo exhibition with a project called 100 Women Rotorua, a project inspired by celebrating the diversity of our community. I am working on 100 Men Rotorua at the moment. I have lots of ideas and not enough time, which I think is a good place to be creatively.

Edward Roberts

I'm a 16 year old photographer from here in Hawkes Bay. I have always been inspired by landscapes - especially mountains. Given the opportunity, I would spend as much time as I could around mountains. Within New Zealand we have some incredible alpine landscapes and I have attempted to represent their beauty in my work.

I am passionate about Earth Science and I am fascinated about how our amazing Landscapes came to be.

Lauren Groundwater

I am a Wellington-based photographer but I grew up in Hawke's Bay. I found photography in primary school when we had someone come in and teach us how to use computers and photography skills like the rule of thirds and how to take a macro picture. After that mum never had any space on her camera to take her own photos! While I had the opportunity to study photography in my last year of high school, I went on to study a post-graduate diploma in International Relations and now work full-time in Government.
It wasn't until 2019 that I bought my own camera and began taking photos creatively again. A highlight so far has been placing as a semi-finalist in the 2021 Capital Photographer of the Year - mobile section.
My style is a mix of landscape, documentary, and minimalistic shots. I like being outside and enjoying nature, and photography is a way of doing that for me outside my office hours. I like to capture the moment I experience and recreate it in the photo so that when I, or others, look at the image we are transported to that moment.
I also enjoy being creative and finding patterns to play with, or creating series of images that tell a story.

Alexis Galley

Symbolic representations of the self - the rebirth of identity & lost childhood; heritage - the Viking Scot, Alexis Galley draws from life experiences. Social influences: single motherhood, high inflation. Her Anthropological & educational background provides for working theories below the surface. As an emerging Auckland based, Fine Art & Lifestyle photographer, born 23rd Dec ‘87, draws from influential artists: Gregory Credson, Man Ray, Eve Arnold, Nicolas Bruno; filmmakers: Tim Burton & Jim Hensen.

Techniques: leading lines, framing, fills the frame, contrast, depth of field, hand held, texture, natural lighting.
Medium: DSLR Canon 600D, digital - print; Samsung A12, digital social media.

Josh Mills

Having lived in Napier most of my life, I feel the work I capture is a type of documentary process of my familiar, and unfamiliar surroundings around Hawkes Bay and abroad.

I usually find myself hunting certain scenarios trying to imagine hints of mystery or confusion, but also through my own visions capture a grounded sense of familiarity in the composition storytelling.

In some ways, I feel that the images I capture in and around Hawkes Bay reflect my artistic introverted/extroverted outlook on society, and the social forces that be in a place that has no doubt undergone many changes, yet still holds a consistent, mundane, old look about it...

My images are very much driven by an ever growing enthusiasm for Film Photography, Street Photography, as well as my all time appreciation and often humble practice of Low-Brow, and mixed media artwork.

Darth Cornelius

Darth's work focuses on creating visual stories that speak to the heart and soul of his subjects. Specialising in portraiture, fine art, and fashion, his photographs are a tapestry of emotion, history, and heritage, that reflect the essence of each individual he captures.

The lives of Indigenous peoples and the African Diaspora, living in the west, is the main focus of his unique lens. These communities, shaped by the echoes of invasion, and the struggle for cultural identity, have always been at the forefront of his lens.

Through his use of 35mm and Large Format Film, he captures the beauty and resillience of these cultures, as they defy the pressures of conformity that linger in colonized territories.

Bruce Jenkins

Bruce is a well known local professional photographer who specialises in motorsport and automotive. Covid put a stop to that. Fortunately the Westshore Estuary was within walking distance and provided the opportunity to "stay in practice" with fast moving subjects.

This exhibition includes a small section of images created over that period.

Em van Wyk Photography

Hey, I’m Emma, a photographer based here in the magnificent Hawke’s Bay. My goal is to capture photos from a unique and whimsical perspective.

Minimalism, Pastel Tones and Symmetry drive my photography style. I love getting out into nature to capture the fleeting moments in this beautiful world that pass us by, creating unforgettable memories along the way.

After moving away from Hawkes Bay to attend college, the strong pull of this region brought me back, where I now live with my amazing husband and fur babies. I believe we live in a truely magical part of the world and am so lucky to call HB home.

Landscape and Astro are my main passions, although I’ve enjoyed trying my hand at different areas of photography.

Dru Burger

Photographer, Videographer for the last 30 years. Worked in Film and TV for many years in Australia and NZ.

I love Portraits and Landscape. Loving Drone photography too presently.

My last exhibition was at The Red Sheds, Waiheke Island, where I previously lived.

Tanya Halliday

Hi my name is Tanya, and I live here in Hastings. I am an amateur photographer and a member of the local Hawkes Bay Photographic Society and the PSNZ.

I love all facets of photography and dabble in film as well as digital image making. I am an ‘in the moment’ photographer and enjoy the key moments that I capture. I am always learning new techniques and expanding my knowledge and I make sure I take a camera everywhere (even if it just my phone).

Paul Taylor

I've been hooked on all aspects of photography since my dad took a photo of myself and my sister in the 70s when I was around 12 years old. Dad took the shot, disapeared under the stairs, emerging a while later with a glossy 10x8 inch black and white print. Mind forever blown! From that day on all I've ever wanted to do was make photographs.
I spent a good decade in my home town of Castleford in Yorkshire shooting sport for my local weekly newspaper. I shot Super League RL, International Rugby League, Football, Cricket, and Athletics amonst other sports. Towards the end of 2003 I spent a few months shooting on the sidelines of my team the mighty Leeds United. I also ran a small part time wedding and portraiture business.
Sadly although I'm happy using a camera, being an actual businessman was and still is alien to me. More often than not I made very little profit shooting weddings. I still gained a lot of valuable experience working with people and cameras in a pressure situation.
In early 2004 I moved to New Zealand, with a plan to shoot weddings, explore and sunbathe. After a few months of just soaking up the sun I decided to contact the Chief Photographer at Hawke's Bay Today to offer my services on a freelance basis. Incredibly one of their staffers was moving to Australia so they gave me a go. Almost 20 years on I'm still a staff photographer at Hawke's Bay Today newspaper. Actually my job title is Deputy Cheif Photographer, but as there's only two of us and the other one's the chief I don't brag about too often. I've shot News, Sports, Advertising, Events, Concerts, everything and anything. Working at the paper has given me an Incredible wealth of photographic experience. Over the years I've had help and advise from some very fine photographers, first and foremost my Dad.
In 2018 I started a You Tube channel. Paul Taylor Photography, catchy right? Initially just to get used to shooting and editing video which the paper were starting to Introduce to their website and socials. Running the channel has given me a platform and an excuse to get out there and shoot more personal work. I also get to try out old cameras, sometimes it goes well, other times not so much, but I love every second of it.
My plan is to keep shooting every day until the grim reaper says "enough lad, you're coming with me now". When that time comes my kids know to dig me in with a camera in my hands.

Photography by Alec Withers

'Round Here'
Hawkes Bay, NZ

Forgotten, Small Town, Urban, Hidden in plain sight.

Annagred Knight

Hey! I'm Annagred, of Knight by Light Photography - Hawkes Bay Family and Portrait Photographer. My love of photography means I get to meet amazing people and capture their family's moments big and small. A recent Project of mine has been my Black and White Children's Portraits - "The Petite Portraits". I'm delighted to share a few of these here with you at Fotofest 2023.
The aim of this project is to showcase the children's personalities and let their creativity shine rather than the adults making all the decisions! They're a lot of fun and remind us how amazing these little minds are.

Hawke's Bay Photographic Society

(Image by Barry Hintz)
Our objectives are to promote photography in the Hawke's Bay region - organising workshops, field trips, displays, exhibitions, seminars, lectures and discussions to educate the community and members about photography in all its forms.

Be part of a generous and giving photography club whose members are not only supportive of each other, but as a group, learn and experience different ways of expressing their individual creativity. 

We invite you to find out more about our club and meet the members. We have a diversity of members, photographic interests and skill sets from beginners, passionate enthusiasts to semi and professional photographers.


From the Pit -  now showing at The ROCKSHOP Napier

Founded in 2019, FromThePit is an annual curated exhibition of images of New Zealand musicians playing live in New Zealand.  More than anything it is a celebration of the craft and art of live music photography.

Each week dozens of photographers are huddled in to music venues up and down the country capturing photos of New Zealand’s vibrant music scene.  It’s a difficult and unpredictable environment to work in, but these photographers work tirelessly to capture the magic they see before them.

Part artists, part historians, but all music fans, they all strive to take the perfect photo which reflects how it felt to be at the concert and communicates the excitement of a live music event.

The exhibition is usually coordinated with New Zealand Music Month during May each year.  Where a print exhibition is held we also produce an extended remix of the exhibition with bonus additional content as an audio visual version.

In some years the exhibition will be digital only, and available to view in a number of locations around the country as well as online.

FromThePit was designed and curated by New Zealand music photographers Dave Simpson and Reuben Raj. Chontalle joined the organising team in 2020 and Stella in 2022.

Floral Monochrome Fusion showing at CAN Gallery