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Everyone is welcome at FotoFest.

FotoFest, Hastings annual photography festival, is back for 2024.
Since 2021, we've been bringing together photographers, artists, and anyone who just loves the art of photography.
Join us from September 14th to 22nd in Hastings for a week of exhibitions, workshops, and talks that'll inspire, challenge, and connect you with others.
We want everyone to feel welcome at FotoFest.
We're working with community groups and organisations to make sure the festival is accessible to all. We have activities for all ages, including fun promotions and competitions for young people. We're also partnering with businesses across the region to bring you a truly community-wide event.
We're committed to showcasing diversity. We want to represent people from all walks of life in our exhibitions and events. We're also working to support emerging photographers and artists, providing them with opportunities to share their work with the public.
We believe that photography has the power to educate and inspire. Our workshops will help emerging creatives grow their skills.
FotoFest is more than just a festival. It's a way to celebrate the art of photography and bring community together.
See you at FotoFest '24

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Explore FotoFest '23 below !

" FOTOFEST is not about just one place to see great photography but
multiple venues, laneways and walls, creating a visual symphony within the city"

Held across ten days FOTOFEST brings creativity out into the streets, from not just one venue but multiple spaces including laneways, businesses, walls  and alleyways across the city.
This year we have 28 amazing exhibitions, many sharing powerful and moving stories of humanity and advocacy including two international photographers with incredible stories of life and the world we are part of.
A Pop up gallery at 129 Heretaunga Street West Hastings, hosts The Hawke's Bay Photography show, contemporary work from New Zealand photographers with many for sale. 
This space will also host several community exhibitions and a number of workshops and talks - find out more here. 
Entry is free , come along and be inspired by the creativity and passion of our presenters, from those who use their skill to create memories for others  to those who use it to change the world.

While you're there, take in a portrait shoot like the old days with Tintype, or  take a walk taking in the exhibition's around the city.
Head down to Toi Toi and check out the gallery showcasing 'Private Collection" works from a number of local and renowned New Zealand and  international photographers, curated by Richard Brimer. 
Napier doesn't miss out either, a trio exhibition at Creative Arts Napier ( CAN) and a multi visual exhibition at Napier Rock Shop, " From the Pit" showcasing the top NZ images from behind the scenes at live shows and gigs from around the country.

Be inspired !
Get yourself to Hastings for the annual photography 'fest for the region.

Get yourself to Hastings !

Hastings City will once again host this event for all ages, from exhibitions, workshops and competitions with something for everyone to enjoy and get involved in ( with or without a camera!)
Check out an outdoor exhibition or take in an exhibition in one of the  pop up galleries over the 10 day premier annual photography festival event for Hawke's Bay.


Below are all our exhibitors FOTOFEST '23.
You will find their work featured in various places around the city. Download the map or collect a copy from isite or our gallery space at 129 Heretaunga Street West, Hastings.
Also, over in Napier : ( see more info below)
From the Pit showing at the RockShop
Floral Monochrome Fusion showing at CAN Gallery 

Havelock North
Edges Framing and Gallery,
4 Donnelly Street,Havelock North have on show a range of award winning NZ photographers.

View individual exhibitors information here
Check out more below, including FOTOFEST in Napier City.


From the Pit -  Now showing at The ROCKSHOP Napier

Founded in 2019, FromThePit is an annual curated exhibition of images of New Zealand musicians playing live in New Zealand.  More than anything it is a celebration of the craft and art of live music photography.

Each week dozens of photographers are huddled in to music venues up and down the country capturing photos of New Zealand’s vibrant music scene.  It’s a difficult and unpredictable environment to work in, but these photographers work tirelessly to capture the magic they see before them.

Part artists, part historians, but all music fans, they all strive to take the perfect photo which reflects how it felt to be at the concert and communicates the excitement of a live music event.

The exhibition is usually coordinated with New Zealand Music Month during May each year.  Where a print exhibition is held we also produce an extended remix of the exhibition with bonus additional content as an audio visual version.

In some years the exhibition will be digital only, and available to view in a number of locations around the country as well as online.

FromThePit was designed and curated by New Zealand music photographers Dave Simpson and Reuben Raj. Chontalle joined the organising team in 2020 and Stella in 2022.


Floral Monochrome Fusion showing at CAN Gallery 

Private collections -curated by Richard Brimer

16 - 25 September Tuesday- Saturday 10am-3pm
 Toitoi Gallery

319 Heretaunga Street East, Hastings

Mark Anderson, Anna Brimer, Richard Brimer, Florence Chavin, Glen Cook, Sandy Connon, Walker Evans, Lara Gilks, Marti Friedlander, Derek Henderson, Peter Peryer, Jono Roman, Ava Seymour, Deborah Smith, Diane Stoppard, Lee Warren, Ans Westra


319 Heretaunga Street East, Hastings
Sat and Sunday 16,17th 10am-4pm 

Tintype Central is a portrait studio specialising in the wet plate collodion process, a 19th-century method of development that predates film photography. Each image is hand-crafted,  producing an original direct-positive image on a sheet of glass or aluminium plate.  This process produces unique images with a timeless beauty.


Using equipment and techniques developed during the 1850’s, the photographic plates are individually coated and sensitised in the darkroom before being exposed and developed while wet. Once fixed, washed and dried they are then coated in a gum sandarac varnish that preserves and protects them for generations.

Participating in a tintype session and seeing the alchemic process as images appear on the plate is captivating; an experience that few people now have the opportunity to witness.  At the end of the session, you will leave with a unique and original hand-made portrait and a complimentary digital file of your image.

Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Price $150 Book here

Edges Framing and Gallery, 4 Donnelly Street Havelock North have on show a range of award winning NZ photographers.


With exhibitions from local and national Photographers, as well as workshops and casual talks on a range of interests and topics from different presenters. 
Visit the Hawke's Bay Photography Show also at 129 Heretaunga Street Hastings, where many works are for sale for home and office.

( Image Petra Leary )

Emerging Artists

A focus on emerging photographers with encouragement and support to exhibit their work for the first time.

( Image Olivia Wilkey )

Talks, workshops and competitions


( Image Luca Broome, winner youth photography competition 2022 )

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FOTOFEST is the annual photography festival event for Hawke's Bay.

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