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Celebrating Simon Shaw

What is your favourite time of day or location to shoot?
I have a personal project running over a number of years photographing on Heretaunga St Hastings

Phone or SLR  ? preference/ reason why for you
Mirrorless ILC. Choice of various focal lengths

One tip that is always your go to when shooting
Get in close

Do you have any photographers you follow or admire that inspire you ?
Martin Parr, Chris Killip, Trent Parke, and many, many more

Tell us about one of your images. How and where you shot it, time of day, anything that inspired you to get this shot. Is there a story you could share ?
The boy walking around the fountain with the girls in the background. I always like to get some emotional context and this image captures that so well

What do you enjoy most about taking photographs?
Documenting the community I live in