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Celebrating Josh Mills

Josh, What is your favourite time of day or location to shoot?
Wherever I end up sometimes. Sunrise/sunset, early to mid morning. Overcast. While travelling.

Phone or SLR  ? preference/ reason why for you
Both, but prefer to feel the camera in my hands, buttons, adjustmets, and experiment with different natural light settings.

One tip that is always your go to when shooting
Just do it, experiment. I usually always carry my camera because there’s bound to be something happening.

Do you have any photographers you follow or admire that inspire you ?
Lee Pritchard, Cat Sutherland, Glen E. Friedman, Grant Ellis (Surfers journal)

Tell us about one of your images. How and where you shot it, time of day, anything that inspired you to get this shot. Is there a story you could share ?
Photo upload #1 - Napier Art Deco building, Dickens Street. Image Shot on my Zeiss ikon Contina, using Fujicolor C200 35mm film. This shot was taken during one of my spur of the moment walks through Napier city central. I really enjoy the colours that the morning light brings out of the old and new retro colours of the buildings. It’s not often as locals going about our daily business, to really look up in these moments and soak up and appreciate our surroundings.

What do you enjoy most about taking photographs?
Travelling around Hawkes Bay. Spontaneity. Human reaction/interaction. Being in the moment. Right place right time.