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Celebrating Luca Broome

Luca Broome

What is your favourite time of day or location to shoot?
Sunrise or Sunset mainly

Phone or SLR  ?
SLR.I feel like I can get more quality images from my slr rather than my phone and there is so much more you can do with an slr

One tip that is always your go to when shooting
Have an idea about what locations you want to shoot at

Do you have any photographers you follow or admire that inspire you ?
Shaun Tunny from Gisborne takes amazing surf imagery

Tell us about one of your images. How and where you shot it, time of day, anything that inspired you to get this shot. Is there a story you could share ?
The image of bare island was taken at Waimarama beach at sunrise.

What do you enjoy most about taking photographs?
I just love being able to capture a moment with my camera that I can keep forever.