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Celebrating Kim Grace

Celebrate Kim Grace
What is your favourite time of day or location to shoot?
sunset, sunrise, day

Phone or SLR  ? preference/ reason why for you

phone, always have it on me :)

Tell us about one of your images. How and where you shot it, time of day, anything that inspired you to get this shot. Is there a story you could share ?

This one is of the sun's rays shining through kawakawa leaves on the walk back from Shine Falls. I had been trying to capture a shot like this on the way up, but it wasn't the right time, however on the way back it was about 2pm, so the sun had shifted and was shining through all the foliage. I had to get the right angle... so down on my knees looking up. I sent this to my mum with a few other pics I'd taken on the day and she said this one was special as when she was young she had kawakawa growing all at the back of their house. She had tried so many times to capture the light shining through the leaves but back then she only had a black and white camera. She said I had captured exactly what she had tried to capture all those years ago. That's what makes this special for me.

What do you enjoy most about taking photographs?

Capturing a moment in time, almost like a time portal, you can travel back and remember those exact feelings you had when you were there.