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Celebrating Lee Pritchard

My favourite time to shoot is whenever I get the chance!..however Sunrises and Sunsets have always fascinated and inspired me ,so I never miss a chance to snap either.….the light is incredible around these hours.
However anytime is a good time to grab an image ,whatever the time or location  when I see something I think is cool or inspires me , I will just take the shot,   or pull over if driving and snap away.
People, Music, Street scenes ,and Travel shots have always been  faves also.

Ive learnt the best camera is the one you have with you!…I’ve taken plenty of images on my cell phone, but enjoy the real camera by far. Currently using my Canon DSLR, wide angle lens, and 50mm prime lens being the favourites. I also have 2 film cameras, which provide the element of suspense when awaiting to see your images.

Many years ago I came runner-up in a Robin Morrison ‘Hawkes Bay and its People’ photo competition, his work has definitely inspired me alongside the real life images captured by Ans Westra and locally the very talented Richard Brimer who is internationally renowned.

I have too many ‘absolute fave’ images!..I love how every picture tells a story and here’s a story about a Black and White film pic I recently took..I was walking Cuba Street wellington a few months back, with a 1960s Mamiya/sekor film cam loaded with a Black and White film, constantly thinking ‘ black and white…shadows, lines, etc…colour becomes irrelevant…I was taking a picture in one direction of a car and turned around to see this girl dressed in the most wicked boots and outfit , all in gothic black…stunning...I asked her if I could take her photo, quickly changed my lens to a 135mm Prime lens , ‘clicked’ and hoped for the best!…I was stoked with the picture when it was processed!…problem is I didn’t get her name , would’ve loved to send her it.

Image one-  ' Cuba Street', Wellington, film camerapic…gothic

Image two - 'At the pool’ ..120mm medium format film camera pic .. Bronica 

Image three-…’Sundown’…the last of the summer rays at Mount Maunganui, Canon DLSR, 300mm lens

Image four….’ Waimarama sunrise’…..cell phone, right time , right place…!