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Celebrating Léontine de Wit

I’ve been photographing since 2016. First with my iPhone 4s with a macro clip on lens. I’ve always been interested in little details. Drops, insects, (parts of) flowers etc. In 2018 I got a real DSLR (Canon 800D). I’ve got several lenses. The one I use the most is my 18-400 mm Tamron, to photograph birds and flowers. I also have a macro 35 mm lens (Canon) to photograph drops.

Last year I got a vintage Trioplan 100 mm lens which creates the beautiful bubble bokeh. Lots of fun to play with.

I don’t have a particular time of the day or location to shoot, but I do try to go at the end of the afternoon, to catch the golden hour glow.

I mainly use my DSLR to photograph. Sometimes, when I don’t have my camera handy I use my iPhone. My settings are 90% manual. I’d like to call myself an intuitive photographer.

The tip I’d like to share is: always check your camera before you go shooting. I made the mistake a little while ago to just take the camera out of the backpack and start shooting. My Vibration Compensation was accidentally turned off. Nearly all my photos were blurry … That will never happen again, not to me anyway. When I shared this blunder on a photography site it appeared that this had happened to a lot of people. Even professionals!

I have a couple of photographers who inspire me. I used to be moderator of a photography site, Best Photographers. It started out as a nice little group, with lots of interaction. I “met” lots of photographers from around the world. I admire a couple of wildlife photographers, one of them I always stay in contact with. Before Covid hit, he used to take people on a Safari (South Africa) and as part of the trip he used to take photos and put them on canvas for the tourists to take home.
An other one is an Indian artist, who is a brilliant photographer and painter. He’s organising photography workshops for children as well. He’s the one who always said, why aren’t you trying to paint your own photos? I’ve recently started workshops in pastel painting, which is really cool.

Just recently I joined a Dutch group of photographers who share their highs and lows, their accomplishments but also their fails. Lots of tips and tricks are being shared. I find it very nice, because I communicate in my mothers tongue. A lot of photographers there I really admire.
I’m also part of a special phlorography site. Just flowers are being shared. Every so many weeks there’s a creative challenge. Lots of talent out there as well.
I use Pixelmator Pro to edit my photos. It’s a program especially for iMac users.

I find it very hard to pick a favourite photo, because I’m still learning and my photography is still developing. I am into different styles of photography, so that’s why I find it very hard to just choose 3 photos to present my work. I’ll send you a selection of my different styles, taken with different lenses. 

My husband has a favourite photo, though. He always says: you’re a real photographer when you can produce a perfect photo from your camera that doesn’t need editing. The teacup is his favourite.
Thanks again for inviting me. Have a great day,