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Exhibition Venues : You can find all our exhibitions throughout the CBD and a number also at our pop up gallery 4/211 Heretaunga Street East Hastings.( Laneway next to Sazio Restaurant)
See also  below each exhibitor for their business hosting their exhibition below as well as pricing for any works for sale.

Our community pop up is in the former isite / Westermans Building corner Heretaunga and Russell Street Hastings.Here you will find ;

  • Hawkes's Bay Photographic Associations members exhibition,
  • NZIHC " Capture the Moment" exhibition of 28 winning images in their national competition
  • In the corner window on the big screen ( thanks to Sony NZ) " From the Pit" will be playing 
  • "Celebrate Local " will be showing also digitally at this space 
  • A selection of local images by FOTO IWI youth media team

A map showcasing all exhibitions can be downloaded here

Image Six60 by Jared Tinneti



Founded in 2019, FromThePit is an annual curated exhibition of images of New Zealand musicians playing live in New Zealand.  More than anything it is a celebration of the craft and art of live music photography.

Each week dozens of photographers are huddled in to music venues up and down the country capturing photos of New Zealand’s vibrant music scene.  It’s a difficult and unpredictable environment to work in, but these photographers work tirelessly to capture the magic they see before them.
Part artists, part historians, but all music fans, they all strive to take the perfect photo which reflects how it felt to be at the concert and communicates the excitement of a live music event.
The exhibition is usually coordinated with New Zealand Music Month during May each year.  Where a print exhibition is held we also product an extended remix of the exhibition with bonus additional content as an audio visual version.
In some years the exhibition will be digital only, and available to view in a number of locations around the country as well as online.
FromThePit was designed and curated by New Zealand music photographers Dave Simpson and Reuben Raj. Chontalle joined the organising team in 2020 and Stella in 2022.


Petra Leary

Petra Leary is an award winning New Zealand born aerial photographer. Her ability to capture her subjects from unique perspectives is striking and groundbreaking.
She has an innate design sensibility, reflected in her unique process all the way from conception to post-production. An intrepid world traveller she hunts out unusual landscapes, captures them from unforeseen angles such as her signature bird’s eye angle from above, and manipulates and accentuates colours in post-production to create her final work.
Her work is simple yet bold in arrangement and composition. Belying this effortlessness are deeply honed technical skills, and a knowing iconoclastic eye for pop culture


Liz Caldwell

I am a local Hawke’s Bay Photographer, my passion lies with Landscape and Travel photography, with a little dabble into Astro photography. 

You can normally find me up at “stupid o’clock” capturing whatever the early morning has to offer.  When it comes to photographing Hawke’s Bay It could be anything from a chilly foggy morning at Lake Tutira to capturing the sun rising off the East coast on a warm summer’s morning.

I currently shoot with a Fujifilm X-E3, which I have chosen firstly for its compactness and secondly for its amazing quality of images straight out of camera.


NZ Geographic Photographer of the year - 2022 Finalists

From more than 6000 entries judges have assembled a selection of 55 images telling the story of an exceptional year across Aotearoa. NZ Geographic have kindly  shared this amazing selection promoting each of the 55 images submitted with us to create a digital exhibition for FOTOFEST.
Now open for public judging at


Capture the Moment

Building on the success of the IHC Art Awards, which is now in its nineteenth year, IHC wanted to showcase the talent of New Zealanders through a different medium.
Capture the Moment – a new photography competition for New Zealanders who have an intellectual disability or an intellectual disability and autism.
The theme of the inaugural competition is "in your community" showcasing examples of what community means to you wherever you live in Aotearoa New Zealand. 


James Foy

This exhibition consists of 5 photographs that profile iconic and threatened wildlife species from both New Zealand and around the world.
A solid black background is the running motif throughout the exhibition, uniting the different portraits and the species they depict. James Foy's work uses photography to showcase the incredible
wildlife we share this planet with. His inspiration for creating this series comes from the love of animals he has had from a young age, influenced by naturalists such as David Attenborough and
Steve Irwin.
Proceeds from sales from James exhibition will be sent to The Sheldrick Trust who are a charity based in Africa and rear orphaned Elephants and Rhino's aswell as many other species.


Jen Fugle-Davis

Jen Fugle-Davis, the photographer behind This Little Wolf Photography, is based in beautiful New Zealand.Jen’s passion is digitally manipulated macro flower still life portraits.

When working outside in nature her work is best described as fluid and intuitive. Working in a meditative state, the resulting artworks are often described as romantic, rich, vibrant, emotive and full. 

Jen is currently nurturing a growing obsession with Eastern European folk art, and spends her days stalking gardens in pursuit of all things beautiful. 


Richard Brimer

I am a Hawke’s Bay based commercial and fine art photographer, working internationally and across New Zealand. Having found photography at high school I went on to complete a photography apprenticeship which began a lifelong passion and career behind the lens.

As they say, the rest is history.

Throughout my career my works have been published in many magazines including Urbis, Cuisine Magazine, New Zealand Architecture, Australian Gourmet Traveller, New Zealand Wine and the Air New Zealand Kia Ora Magazine.
As a follower of wine, food and the Arts, I have been constantly inspired to capture the beauty and joy these industries bring, along with the people that have a story to tell.
I have published 16 books and had many solo exhibitions in locations including the Hastings City Art Gallery, New Zealand Portrait Gallery, Wellington, Muse Havelock North and Blackbarn


Robin Cranford

As a photographer, I’m especially drawn to rich colours, lines & reflections.  Water is one of my favourite subjects, especially when colours dance along the surface and blend into swirling shapes.  

My husband & I live in Westshore.  We are just minutes away from the boats in Ahuriri Harbour, so you will see these views often featuring in my work. 

The exciting thing about this area in Hawke's Bay, is how much it changes from day to day. The boats and tides come and go, and the weather and light are always changing.

To see more images:



Lee Pritchard

Lee has had a passion for capturing people, places and 'moments in time' over the last 30 years , advancing from his 35mm instamatic film camera to an SLR when he did his OE in 1994.

His selection of images for Fotofest includes both film, and digital pictures with the emphasis on ‘Colour’ , taken locally, nationally, and internationally with the philosophy of ’ wherever you are , just grab the shot !...find the beauty in everything that can sometimes be easily overlooked.

Lee is also exhibiting 4 of his 20 images of 20 ‘ creatives’  all taken on their couches , in 2020 for his book , A Couch Series.The book will be available also at a special Fotofest price during the festival.


Jack Warren

Jack Warren is a 22 year old photographer who’s style is infused with a mixture of commercial skill and artistic creativity. Jack graduated CoCA Massey in late October 2021 with a Bachelor of Design, First Class Honours. Formal education completed and an eagerness to leave Wellingtons unpredictable weather, the choice of “where next” was an obvious one.
Jack has spent the last year in his hometown of Clive, building up his commercial photography portfolio within the region and chipping away at some personal photographic projects. One project named “Everyones a Winner” has been ongoing since his final year at University.
The project is an awareness campaign about problem gambling, the imagery derives from stories presented by gamblers and workers within the gambling industry. Jack will to continue working within Hawkes Bay for the foreseeable future, with a minor excursion to Vietnam and Cambodia for a photographic trip of a lifetime (he’s hoping).



Esther Bunning is recognised as an innovative photographic artist. She has a style that is both instantly recognizable and difficult to pin down. Drawn to quiet beauty and resplendent light, she weaves elements in a dreamy pastiche that tends to provide the viewer with a glimpse of the subject that cuts breezily below the surface.
This fierce creative vision, coupled with a gleeful willingness to play with idiosyncratic gear and any object, surface, or texture that might be put to creative use, has evolved to include the intricacies, depth and layers of details of our landscapes, otherwise perhaps unseen.
Her new work is an exploration and organic unravelling of how we explore the threads of the land around us in NZ, and our connection to this. Working with her origination double exposure images, she’s printed these on silk and rephotographed in an organic state, represented as ‘silk’ stories (with individualised overstitching embroidery) as limited editions.
This work brings her in a full circle back to her tertiary study in textile design.
* FINALIST: Parkin Drawing Prize 2022 and 2021
* NZ Pacific Studio 2020/2021 ANZAC Bridge Fellow
* WINNER: PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2020 * WINNER: NZIPP Creative Photographer of the Year 2020 + 2021
NIKON Ambassador NZ
ASUKABOOK Ambassador Australasia NZIPP Grand Master + Honorary Fellow



V is a multi disciplinary creative, specialising in digital fine art and large scale imagery.  

 Published in VICE in 2018, her work largely discusses the construction of identity and how society impacts that.  Often touching on subjects around mental health and the connectedness of human beings. 
Her works seeks to act as an anthropological study of humankind through imagery.  
"Art has an amazing ability to convey a message across cultures, race, social economic groups... it speaks without words and unites like nothing else can" 
V has worked with the New Zealand Police and other organisations such as Woman's Refuge, presenting on education around Mental Health Awareness and Family Harm Reduction. 
The last year has seen her speak at Pecha Kucha, whilst also working with multiple councils painting murals and teaching a course in "Contemporary Urban Art Practice" within a Hawkes Bay High School.
V was a featured artist in the Auckland Festival of Photography, painted the festival circuit, and has showcased her work nationally at places such as Tairawhiti Museum in Gisborne. 


Jo Bind

Jo has been using cameras since being given his first film camera at the age of 8.

When digital cameras became available, he quickly transitioned to the new medium and, after nearly 20 years, has started using film again in 2020, this time in medium and large format.

In 2020, he also started to explore traditional photographic printing techniques, with the main focus being on cyanotype and argyrotype, but also dabbling in gum bichromate, gumoil and platinum-palladium printing.

As well as exhibiting his work, Jo is also running a workshop on Saturday afternoon at FOTOFEST where attendees will experiment with cyanotype, come away with a couple of prints, a written manual of the steps discussed at the workshop, a list of supplies and suppliers and hopefully with the inspiration to experiment on your own.


Lee Warren

“Oasis”  2019-present
A series of images shot in the weeks around Matariki, when the dairies are lit up and feel like a beacon of light in mid winter suburbia. An Oasis tempting visitors to their bright shiny and familiar brands. In a way they comfortably remind me of the Diwali Festival of Light where the biggest celebrations outside of India are held in my first studio town of Leicester. 

I have been a professional photographer for 30 years, after going to college in Nottingham and then having commercial studios first in Leicestershire and then Rutland. We moved our family to New Zealand in 2005 and currently run a food and wine commercial studio called Fotoshoot. Having had solo and group exhibitions from the beginning of my career, I’ve tended to have a couple of long term personal  projects that have made their way into magazines , books and exhibitions.

Although the series includes Dairies from around New Zealand, these are all local from the Hastings District.
Lee Warren Photographer



George Jose Cutty

George's exhibition is proudly sponsored by The HB Multicultural Association.
George is a part time Hawke’s Bay photographer, who also works as full-time Registered Nurse. He lives in Hastings with his wife and two kids. He is from India and has been living in New Zealand since 2009. Photography is his passion and he loves it. He bought his first camera in 2011 and began by photographing landscapes. Then slowly began to take portraits of people.
When his first daughter was born, she became his little model for photoshoot. The midwife, who saw these works encouraged him and supported in getting him some photography works.
Over the years, George has done many types of photography works including and not limited to weddings, functions, birthdays, family photos, maternity photos, newborn photos, various religious ceremonies and so on.


Graham Bartleet

Moments from the vineyard
" A keen interest in taking photographs combines well with a vineyard work environment with the people, operations and ever changing seasons providing a huge resource. 
 Capturing the moments successfully and in an interesting way is always the challenge and I try to keep my camera close by to make the most of opportunities"


Bruce Hanley

Bruce has had the passion for photography for more than 40 years, his fascination began with old family portraits where he wondered about the stories they told... real and imagined. His philosophy is not so much about “capturing the moment”... rather a release of a moment for others to view. Bruce’s influences over the years have been Henri Cartier-Bresson, Harry Callahan, Robert Mapplethorpe and the iconic Brian Brake and Marti Friedlander.
Some would say Bruce is a self-taught artist but he considers his family, friends and fellow artists his tutors, with their encouragement and motivating conversations.


Constance Fein Harding

My creative photographic journey began in 2011 when I discovered the art ofimpressionism and layering textures. I love going out and taking photos of anything thatcatches my attention, or staying home and taking photos from my window of sailboatsand ships. Some works begin as impressionist images using the technique of a slowshutter speed and a slight movement to create a soft image.

But the real pleasure comes from loading them onto my computer and working them into a piece of art. I use my own photographs as textures, blending them together to create painterly works. I love how sometimes I start with an idea and end up in a completely different place.


OG Gueco

Hi, I am OG, a Wellington based photographer. I discovered my passion for photography at an early age taking mostly still life and landscape images.
Being able to create an image from my mind to what I can actually see is what I have always aimed for. There is a certain joy in me when my photo evokes a certain feeling or emotion just by viewing it.
With support from my family, I hope to continue this exciting, creative and fulfilling journey up to the later stages of my life.
I could still remember the time I had my very first camera during my teenage years. I was so keen to learn and practice that I had it with me everywhere I went. I would take photos of almost anything under the sun. I knew that this was something I wanted to do for a very long time (if not forever!)
Not long after, I came to realise that the photos I took were not just images of family or friends. A photo of my daughter blowing the candles of her birthday cake when she was five, my son riding a bike when he was four or a Christmas family reunion.
They are bits of history etched in a photograph allowing me to revisit those memories time and time again. Looking at an image transports me back to that specific moment the photo was taken – as if I was at that place and time once more.
And when looking deeper, one begins to see and feel that there is more beyond every image. It is an account of an event in a person's life – it is his or her story!

102 HERETAUNGA STREET ( Meanwhile space)

Gerry le Roux

Palmerston North photographer Gerry le Roux (MNZIPP) is an award-winning landscape, documentary and illustrative photographer, and lecturer in photography at UCOL.

When not teaching, or capturing images of science and industry through his photography business Sciencelens, Gerry is likely to be out walking the streets of small towns around the region pursuing his quest to capture singular scenes of the human-altered New Zealand landscape. His urban landscape images operate at the intersection between street, architectural and landscape photography, and are typified by a calm minimalism and formal, often starkly geometric compositions, in high contrast black and white or saturated colour. 

His work can be classified as 'straight photography', aligned with the New Topographics and New Objectivity movements in contemporary urban landscape photography.


Amy Xu

After 7 years working in earthquake rebuild organization, SCRIT and NCTIR as a design engineer, Amy and her husband started a new journey back in her home town, Shanghai, China. The photos were a selection from their trips since 2018.
She found her root connection with China is still art, which her childhood memory linked to. She became an international contemporary art fabrication manager for the first 2 years in Shanghai.
Since COVID-19 hits, she left her job and started to cultivate her own sense of artistic and architectural and natural view.


Annagred Knight

Knight by Light Photography
I’m a local gal with a passion for photographing Children and Families, recently starting my business - Knight by Light Photography.
I offer Family sessions and specialized Children’s portraits, though the later may not be in the way you think – more on that in a tick.
Photographs grab a moment in time, and hold onto it, to be remembered years after.  
Having lost my Dad not long ago, I find myself pouring over family photos, and as a result I’m on a Mission to capture EVERYTHING for my family and others who’ll have me. 
A recent personal project has seen me bump up the Children’s Portraiture, and my exhibit in Fotofest is an example of this.  My Children’s Portraits are each based around a theme of a Letter, as I work through the alphabet.
We started with “A for adventure” and what an adventure it’s been!  We’ve had “F is for Farmer”, “I is for Ice Cream” and I can’t wait to show what’s to come!My exhibit is showcasing “H is for Hat”, which is a very special story for me to tell, as the hat pictured belongs to my Dad. 
I believe there’s always a story to be told, and I just love the chance to tell it!


Thomas Howard

Thomas Howard , a recent newcomer to hobby photography, has discovered a talent for street, nature and object photography. Currently he is turning his attention to people photography with similar success.
Using simple cameras, he basically ignores the technical side of photography but his keen observational eye and strong sense of composition, light and form produces strong un manipulated images. Thomas does enjoy processing his images though.
Black and White studies and nature are a feature of his work.
He does not travel far from home to find his subjects and he enjoys shooting the details of his local neighbourhood. Central Hastings.
He has a prodigious output and any outing will produce numerous high quality photographs. Some of his work is wry and humorous, some is darker and more serious.


Hawke's Bay Photographic Society

Image by Mark Davey
Our objectives are to promote photography in the Hawke's Bay region - organising workshops, field trips, displays, exhibitions, seminars, lectures and discussions to educate the community and members about photography in all its forms.

Be part of a generous and giving photography club whose members are not only supportive of each other, but as a group, learn and experience different ways of expressing their individual creativity. 

We invite you to find out more about our club and meet the members. We have a diversity of members, photographic interests and skill sets from beginners, passionate enthusiasts to semi and professional photographers.


Jeremy Bright

Ironies that are buildings - glimpses behind the Iron Curtain
A building has many lives. At birth it is constructed for a purpose and is productive through its youth and into old age, but what happens to it after it is used up and discarded? It take on a new persona that has echos to both its past and to the future.
In 2017 I travelled into Eastern Europe, into what was the old USSR. I had travelled behind the iron curtain in the late 70’s and then again in the late 80’s, 2 years before the Berlin Wall came down and 4 years before the collapse of the Soviet Union. I was searching for relics to the past and curious in what state I might find them after years of neglect and abandonment.
My initial goal was to actually find buildings that were relics to a bygone past, but then having discovered them I was caught up in their back story and this is where everything became ironic.
I use the word ‘ironies’ in the title as many discoveries, whilst tragic or fantastic in their initial purpose or construct, are now through an accident of history comical and diverting, indeed ‘ironically’ opposite to their intended purpose.


Derek Rossiter

I moved to New Zealand from Ireland over 12 years ago and fell in love with the beautiful landscapes that I decided I wanted to become a photographer and capture all this amazing scenery.
It's become a passionate hobby of mine and I really enjoy getting out and about with my family and taking pictures along the way. I love taking photos of landscapes, especially around Hawke's Bay.
It's a real dream of mine to be able to share my images and it inspires me to continue my journey taking the best photographs possible.


Olivia Wilkey

Born in England, raised in Hawke’s Bay, a 23 year old garden dweller, avid photographer and creator. Acting as a powerful self-reflective tool in which to ask existential questions as well as a memory vault, I have found comfort in photography.
Since losing my Dad to suicide this year, I find myself desperately searching for photos that return me to a memory. Loss and grief have given a new meaning to my photos, a reminder to stay present even when reflecting on the past.

Having picked up the camera over 10 years ago, exploring different styles, I have always found myself drawn back to the study of light and shadow (chaos and order). It is through the medium of photography that I am able to reflect deeper and ask the necessary questions about the light and shadow within myself. Furthermore, the chaos and order that coexists within our society. How can my understanding of this help navigate through the societal expectations and pressures that await me?



Inspired by the iconic Swedish Dads photo exhibition, Global Women and Parents At Work have co-created Kiwi Dads – a collection of images depicting fathers at home with their children. It is designed to shine a light on the important roles fathers play in caring for their families as part of a global initiative to advance parental leave equality.

This campaign encourages organisations to adopt a shared parental-leave approach: to offer the same leave equally to fathers and mothers, regardless of who is the primary caregiver. The photos are of 13 Kiwi dads from different parts of New Zealand.